Cheap Divorce: Solutions and Pitfalls

Cheap divorces are not commonly discussed but they are possible and DO happen.

I along with my ex-wife went through this process and it truly works. It may not be acceptable for everyone, but in the event that it’s still possible to remain in the exact same area as each other, or at least speak by telephone, and if there are no kids involved, then this can work for.

Here is what we did to make our economical divorce a reality.

To begin with, we planned out this and sat; we grabbed a pencil and some paper. We moved to the house and itemized what. This included the automobiles, to TV & stereo, and through.

Now, this is the worst part you will need to go through, as these items have a lot of memories attached to them, and it might be hard to remain detached when you are doing this. It might be a cheap divorce fiscally, but certainly not emotionally.We then compared lists.

We discussed the papers of each other, and what we felt we ought to have from another person’s list. A sort of a bartering system, that too gets a little hairy, but it is doable (I personally discovered that the breaking of the CDs the hardest)
After we had come to an agreement over a day or two of meetings to talk about our lists as well as our inevitable cheap divorce, we then proceeded onto the bank accounts and land assets. This may take a few days, and in the event that you can’t meet in person, a fax or email is going to do for one or more of these phases and could be preferable.

After this was complete, we continued with a dispute here and there, before we came to an agreement and continue talking and refining our listing.

I appreciate that this could be debilitating, but if you both focus on the simple fact that you’ll be saving a bunch of money by getting this inexpensive divorce, it will be worth it.

We sat in a PC and wrote our lists up into a more formal record. Basically, it stated what my ex would become, and also what I would be receiving from the bank accounts, the house, and the possessions. We had it seen, and both signed it, and only then did we predict our attorneys and hand them a copy each.

There were non for mediation, non for letters of dispute, and no fees for discussion, we saved thousands of dollars doing this way.You can do it.

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